Survey on CPACS Usage

To all users of CPACS,

The use of CPACS as the central data model for collaborative aircraft design processes is constantly increasing. Experience from the past years has shown, that we must not disregard usability aspects. Therefore, in the content of the ATLAs project the development of an editor for using and developing CPACS is planned. In order to identify which kind of support is most needed we would like to collect all the challenges that you as CPACS users come across during your work with CPACS.

We would like to know...

- What data do you use and how what would be the ideal way to look at it?
- Which kind of views/plots do you use?
- How do you usually edit the nodes?
- And what are the things you need to keep in mind while editing?
- How could this be simplified?
- How could your work with CPACS be arranged more efficiently?

If you want to participate in this survey and help us improve the usability of CPACS, please send an email with your response to (subject: Survey for CPACS Usage). Although we always appreciate feedback on your experience with CPACS, in context of the ATLAs project responses can only be considered by latest Wednesday 31st of May 2017.