CPACS 3.1.0

We are pleased to announce CPACS 3.1! Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the latest enhancements.

CPACS 3.1 is now available

- Redefinition of aeroPerformanceMaps
- Added nodes for detailed engine pylons and nacelles
- Added nodes to model generic walls
- Extension of material definition
- Added fuselage compartment definition
- Added fuselage fuel tank definition
- Explicit wing stringer definition integrated into wing stringer definition
- RelativeDeflections renamed to control parameters
- Control distributors modified to only have a single command input vector
- "cpacsVersion" restricted to current schema version
- Code cleanup
- Cpacs_schema.xml removed
- Documentation adaptions

In this context we would also like to point out the geometry library TiGL, which in the current version 3.0.0-rc2 is compatible with the geometry parameterization in CPACS 3.